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A great way to begin foreplay with a Gemini is a back rub, starting from their shoulders and lightly touching their arms. When a Gemini is getting worked up or nervous and they do often , they become very accident-prone and could find themselves injuring their arms, shoulders or hands more than anything else. If you happen to know a Cancer personally, you may notice the first thing that happens when they get upset is they get a stomach ache.

In the bedroom, Cancers particularly enjoy getting their chest stroked or their nipples played with. When stressed, they may suffer from heart palpitations, as this is the most sensitive organ in their body, according to astrology. In the bedroom, a Leo is especially turned on when someone runs a finger, a feather or even a hair up their spine, from lower to upper back. They try hard not to get emotional, which leads them to suppress a lot of their feelings in favor of only expressing what makes logical sense. Since feelings are strongly correlated to digestive health in spiritual schools of thought, this leads Virgos to a lot of digestive issues.

Using ice on their tummy will drive them completely wild and allow them to release all those pent-up emotions in the form of an orgasm. One male Libra actually wanted to try pegging when a woman puts on a strap-on and goes to town on the guy. Well, to be fair, it was a deal we made since he wouldn't stop talking to me about trying anal. When under stress, Libras may experience anal fissures or problems with the anal canal such as hemorrhoids, which can get in the way of their love of butt stuff in the bedroom.

Scorpio is notoriously known as the sign of sex, but that doesn't automatically make them horndogs. Some Scorpios take sex so seriously, they actually keep a limited number of partners, which is a good thing since they are prone to having issues with their junk. Outside of the risk of contracting STDs Scorpios are either extremely cautious or purposefully ignore contraceptives , many Scorpios will suffer from yeast infections, UTIs and itching or burning down under.

It's wise for them to take good care of themselves down there, especially for Scorpios who are constantly getting action and there are many of them.

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All you have to do is put one hand on a Sagittarius' thigh or hip if you have a flirtation going on and want to get that party started. Sagittarius men will almost always grab a woman by her hips when he wants to get her to bed, taking her from behind. If you want to drive a Sagittarius wild, grab them by the thighs.

It turns on that animal instinct of theirs. The whole interval is strongly beneficial, except for your home or domestic links. Nothing to worry about. As usual, for best results, co-operate, be diplomatic. My advice? An exciting meeting might arise Sat. Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and timing remain high and strong, Libra. You might encounter an unexpected, stunning and physically stirring meeting Sunday night, but everything love-oriented, before early Monday afternoon, will likely disappoint. After this, to Wed. Tuesday, btw. Tackle chores Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. Only one caution: this interval is not a good time to communicate nor to waste time in travel.

Friday night and Saturday bring relationships, relocation themes, public interfacing, opportunities and negotiations — but the flip side of these are opposition, challenge, even enmity — even war! Sidestep conflict Sat. But realize all this will lead to probable disappointment — applies until next Monday morning Oct.

Be patient, much better is brewing! Remain in the background — rest, contemplate, plan, deal with advisors, agents, institutions, head offices and civil servants.

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Do your karma i. Avoid belligerent people and places of violence e. Same period, be wary of volunteering for additional duties, chores or burdens. Despite your weariness, you glow with attraction from Tuesday to Oct.

Leo: Kick Up Your Heels

Errands, contacts and communication fill Sunday daytime. Settle into home, family Sunday night to Wednesday morning.

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But Monday p. Romance lights your heart and puts a shine in your eyes Wed. Good luck walks with you the whole interval, with one minor glitch: you could ruin things by seeking casual sex — wait for the deeply passionate stuff.

Tackle chores and minor health needs late Fri. You could even change partners. But go slow — practical realities say you might be missing key information. Wishes can come true, Sage! Now to Oct. An Aries or Libra or less so, Gemini or Virgo might be involved. So, likely, is a romantic attraction, social goals or a group involvement. Your enthusiasm usually steers you well, so rely on it this week and next — give whatever dampens your enthusiasm a wide berth.

Errands, casual contacts, paperwork, travel and communications fill Sun.

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Be wary before Mon. A sudden attraction, a hidden but about-to-erupt animosity — either possible Sun. But Mon. Nudge yourself toward home, family, security Wed. Everything here will flow with splendid ease. Hug the kids, start a project garden, education fund, etc. Romance, beauty, pleasure and self-expression lift you — at least at first. The accent remains on ambitions, career prospects, interfacing with higher-ups bosses, parents, judges, etc.

Operating independently is a mistake. Until November 18, higher-ups will be impatient and temperamental; but the same influence can expand your work and responsibilities — one step toward a promotion. This night to Wed. Sunday night could bring an exciting meeting, or a revelation about love esp. Errands, paperwork, communications and short trips arise Wed. This wee interval is fortunate, all flows well — but avoid gossip and being the subject of it.

Home, family, security and sleep arrive Fri.

Sink into rejuvenating rest, naps. You might have to choose between ambitions and security. Unexpected meetings Saturday can spark either enmity or attraction — but neither will favour you in future, so let any Saturday interactions be light, non-committal. You face a mellow, intellectual, idealistic few weeks, Aquarius. Sunday finds you tired, un-charismatic. Go slow, demand little. But realize you face rebellious, disruptive conditions Sunday night to Monday afternoon. Drive, speak, challenge others carefully — think first! But Monday pm to Wed.

Chase money and seek bargains Wed. Good luck rides with you, so send out bills, pay bills, haunt garage sales or whatever. But group affairs interfere, so work alone. Errands, paperwork, travel, communications and contacts fill Fri. Go slow, look both ways before stepping off the sidewalk. Saturday, an unexpected meeting or reaction can trigger anger — or a sudden career or domestic opportunity.

Unfortunately, all this stands under a cloud of future problems. Let this time pass. That includes the burn of STDs. But strong opportunities exist, too, esp. This influence lasts to mid-November. Sunday daytime imbues you with hope and social urges. But retreat this night to Wed.