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The big debate will go on now for some years and at the end of the first decade of the Gregorian twenty first century, we will know how sound the assessment has been. We are concerned astrologically with it. To do it we need a horoscope of USA which is not a settled one as western astrologers have used nearly sixteen different horoscopes with different dates, different time and never succeeded in making a single good prediction on the basis of what they claim is their research with Pluto, Herschel and Neptune included.

We have waited long enough and watched all these debates and controversies. It has been quite easy for us Hindu astrologers to make annual predictions about USA on the basis of our well known Chaitra Shukla Pratipada horoscope but it is limited to the year under scrutiny. The problem can be solved only if we decided on a dependable horoscope. I have decided the horoscope given here as correct for many reasons which is what I must state here first. While I had been working on it for some years, I got the help of Yogi Karve who gave me the time through his supernormal power which I have found very helpful many times.

On this basis this horoscope been cast. Till Yogi Karve gave me this time, I had been toying with the idea of it being Kanya lagna but 4th July all right from where the tenth house shows, Sun. Mars, Jupiter and Venus which will show its super power status, unparalled in the recorded history of world. Changing it to Simha lagna, I found a strong eleventh house and Moon in the seventh house as the twelfth lord.

I had kept a mental note of it and had requested friends in USA to give to me the time of the swearing of President Bush on 20 January When I got it, I commented on that day itself, that the new US president would follow an aggressive international policy and will openly be against abortion. Immediately after assuming office, President Bush declared his policy of no US aid being given to states or countries which supported abortion as their policies. Western astrologers did not even know the importance of muhurta chart, till I pointed out that it was a valuable supplementary chart. World had to wait till 11 September , to see the manifestation of US aggression as was seen in the oath taking chart of President Bush, when " Osama dead or alive " became almost a US slogan.

The question then was, if it was reflected in the chart prepared on the basis of the time given by Yogi Karve. Interestingly, here we find the mahadasha of Moon starting from 13 October Moon here has three clear significations in mundane astrology. As the twelfth lord it must show:. This Moon being in the nakshatra of Mars, Dhanista doubly must show aggression.

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To make assurance doubly sure, the annual horoscope of USA for ,on the basis of this date was cast and the planetary position was as shown here. Here one strikingly spectacular factor in the annual horoscope was retrograde Mars in the seventh house showing the same astrological point which the swearing in horoscope of President Bush had shown, an aggression. Here it is surer indication because this Mars is both retrograde and is aspected by Saturn in Rohini nakshatra which is an old research of mine about war.

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USA is now involved in a war in the mahadasha of Moon in the seventh house as the twelfth lord and in the annual horoscope, there is Mars retrograde aspected by Saturn. A brief survey at the second cycle of Vimshottri mahadasha in the US chart being used should be made first.

Vimshottari mahadasha of Rahu from 13 October Rahu ending 14 October As the mahadasha of Rahu was ending USA prepared for ending its policy of isolationism self imposed on itself through the famous Monroe Doctrine. After watching the progress of war in Europe, as soon as the Jupiter dasha started, it decided to jump into it.

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History, records that it was the powerful participation of USA in the war that changed 0the course against Germany. Jupiter ending 13 October As the Jupiter dasha was ending, USA got itself engulfed in the deadly Depression of whose effects was a financial ruination of so many. Saturn ending 14 October It came after the Japanese bombarded Pearl Harbour. Astrologically, no better corroboration is needed to accept this horoscope as correct. But some more events of the past years, well known in world history should be verified here.

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The pratyantara dasha was of Saturn, in the second house aspected by Mars. Jupiter is the fifth lord of speculation stock exchanges.

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There was no recovery till the antardasha of Rahu was over. It being a notable dasha chiddra it took USA many years under the astute presidentship of FDR to overcome which must have come almost at the end of Saturn Mercury period of this horoscope. The move shocked markets as stocks around the world sold off sharply. China retaliated on Sunday by stopping the purchase of US agricultural products and, more importantly, by letting the value of the Yuan fall to the crucial 7.

The devalued Yuan makes China's exports cheaper and thereby is a strategy to avoid the full force of the US tariffs.

Financial markets sold off sharply again on Monday as the trade war showed signs of getting out of control. If a trade war is bad, a currency war is much worse, as it increases financial uncertainty and tends to diminish trade and economic activity.

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The depression in the s was exacerbated by competitive currency devaluations as countries sought a way out of the slowdown without having to undertake any politically difficult structural adjustment. Saturn-Ketu revisited; Fed meeting on Wednesday 29 July As the Federal Reserve prepares to meet Wednesday, the US stock market continues to defy gravity with the indexes at all-time highs.

It's a perfect storm for investors as corporate earnings are generally strong, money is pouring in from abroad, and now the Fed is widely expected to cut rates to make credit even cheaper. The "insurance rate cut" of either 25 or 50 basis points may have an immediately calming effect on markets, but by cutting now the Fed is gambling that lower rates can prevent a recession. If it's wrong and we end up in recession anyway, then there will be fewer tools left to kick start the economy.

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But everything is coming up roses for now as the promise of lower rates has lit a fire under stocks. It's Mueller time again; stocks pullback on Fed uncertainty 22 July It's Mueller time once again.

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Mueller will respond to lawmakers questions in the Justice and Intelligence Committees regarding his investigation of Russia's involvement in the US election. This will be Mueller's first full public appearance since delivering his report back in April. His report concluded that Russians did interfere with the elections but he took a more nuanced view of Trump's role. While no bombshells were forthcoming, he did not exonerate the Trump campaign from illegality in deference to the constitution which holds that sitting presidents cannot be indicted.

Mueller's testimony will likely determine if impeachment will go forward.

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With time running out before the primary season begins in February , the pro-impeachment Democrats are now up against it. After this past weekend's racist tweets against four minority Democratic congresswomen, it seems there is no floor. Was there ever? Previous dog-whistles to his white nationalist base may now be evolving into out-and-out racism as Trump looks for new ways to divide the country and the Democratic party and provoke chaos ahead of next year's election.

It may well be his only hope. Trump's target was the Squad -- a group of four left-wing Democrats led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who have strongly criticized Trump for his immigration policy and treatment of refugee claimants on the southern border. Last week AOC, as she is known, delivered passionate testimony of the terrible conditions facing asylum-seekers in Texas border detention camps. Just 29 years old and elected to Congress last year, she has become the face of the left progressive wing of the Democrats. Will Trump be re-elected in ?

First in a series 8 July The presidency of Donald Trump has been the most controversial and divisive in decades. Trump's radical nationalist agenda is a clear break from the more outward-looking stance of previous US administrations.

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His aggressive and unpredictable tendencies have created havoc on the world scene as allies have largely rejected his transactional approach to diplomacy and trade. And yet with his GOP base seemingly as loyal to him as ever, there is still a decent chance that he could be re-elected in November So what do the stars say?

Since we are still sixteen months away from the election, I wanted to address this question in a comprehensive way over a series of posts. The Democratic party held their first debate last week and Kamala Harris was the clear winner. The California Senator bested frontrunner Joe Biden on the topic of race and his record on mandatory busing.

Biden appeared uncertain and rambled at times while Harris was sharp and well-prepared. Biden may still have the lead but now it's anybody's race. Fortunately, we know Kamala Harris' birth time thanks to the research efforts of Oregon-based astrologer, Steven Stuckey.