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Accomplish Your Goals with Jupiter in Capricorn. Behold: Your Horoscope for This Week.

Your Libra Monthly Horoscope for December. Your Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for December. Your Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for December.

March 1 Birthday Horoscope

Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for December. Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope for December. Your Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for December. Your Virgo Monthly Horoscope for December. And guess The actor who played Jasper in "Twilight" looks way different 7 years later. The dreadful Joker's curse: each of the actors who has played it has gone through tragic moments. Freddie Mercury and Lady Di: All about their intimate friendship.

Pictures of the human Barbie after getting tired of being a doll. The actress who played Lucy from "The Chronicles of Narnia" at Psychological studies affirm that love lasts only 5 years, so it is recommended to change partners after the last year! If you see any of these signs in him, your relationship is going nowhere! Related articles 10 Things to expect when in a relationship with an April born.

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Daily Horoscopes/Astro Highlights for each Sign:

Before you go: You probably want to see the stories everyone is talking about. Things that simultaneously happen in different parts of the world in 24 hours! We kiss with our eyes closed! Perhaps, it could be helpful to know that as a Scorpio parent it can be devastating to feel like your child might not love and respect you. I encourage you to find a family counselor who is, also, knowledgeable in the interaction of zodiac signs and their compatibility. Hi there! I am a Sagittarius mom, dad is an Aquarius and our son is a Scorpio.

He does not like to follow orders or listen. Any advice is welcome!

Once we understand this about our personality based on zodiac sign we can talk ourselves down from emotional grenade launching. Also, yelling at a Scorpio will never, ever end well. Now, something that can be terrifying to a parent, but is true so must be said — Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. So, when you see him trying to crash and burn as in the case of having a meltdown and not listening , try to redirect him. Scorpio is ruled by Mars — the God of War.

So, as stated earlier, try in any way you can not to go to war. Both will always lose.

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I am a Taurus and my husband is a Sagittarius. We just had our second child, another Scorpio, this time a boy. I was wondering how the dynamics will be in raising 2 Scorpio children, a boy and a girl. They are 3 years apart. How can we be the best parents for our kids. What will be the biggest obstacle based on our own signs to look out for? TWO Scorpio children?

Better stock up on wine! Meaning, Taurus is set in their ways, Sagittarius wants to get their own way, and Scorpios who will stop at nothing to get their own way. Try to take a cue from Sagittarius — they just want to party and have fun. So, when your Scorpios break out in world war three — because they will — do your best to divert them to something that will calm them down and make them laugh.

Never, ever forget that Scorpio is ruled by Mars — the god of war. I have Twins, 1 boy 1 girl. Nov 7. My daughter has a Lot of these traits. My son not so much. Hi thanks for the read!

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Wondering if you have the time to give me a little more insight on my 4 year old Scorpio son and his thought process. He is so intuitive and headstrong and amazing at the same time! And his daddy is a quiet Virgo. Any info you could share would be amazing.

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Does the year born have a determinating factor in personality as well? Especially given the info of our different signs.

I always recommend my own astrologer, Sara Gilbert. Take a look at her website — LifeSpiritConnections. The best advice I can give about interaction is that each of your Zodiac Signs is all about independence though Scorpio is a bit more about secrets and mystery than actual independence. Leo and Scorpio are all about dominance. So, power struggles could create some turbulent times. That never, ever, ever flies with a Scorpio.

When someone yells at a Scorpio, they hear it as a war cry. It never goes well. Additionally, as much as the Scorpio child will go to war at the drop of a hat their feelings get extremely hurt by, well, so many things. Best advice here is not to roar but, rather, to keep the lines of communication open by purring as much as possible — maybe a growl now and then but no roars.

As for the Virgo hubby, well, be prepared Leo mommy. If it turns out that the son and hubby made a sacred contract to get along in this lifetime, you might get a bit jealous of the love they share. Both Virgo and Scorpio love with an intensity few can understand because each loves from the purest place of the emotion.

Her tantrums are embarrassing and no amount of reasoning, justifying, our punishment works. Please help!