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Jupiter Astrology

Hello little ram, get ready to pump up your jam fire-sign style and expand your horizons — literally in a travel sense , but spiritually, too. Keep leaning into your spiritual side, Aries. You're doing tons of growing and coming into your own beliefs this year, so work to keep up the momentum. Luxury-lovin' Taurus, expect good things finance-wise this year, as Jupiter is bestowing its golden blessings on your bank account.

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You're a highly social being, Gem, and Jupiter is bringing tons of expansiveness to partnerships in your life of all sorts. But beware — that expansiveness can grow a little too large and seep outside of healthy boundaries, so keep things in check. While you may not be the biggest fan of ch-ch-changes, get ready to embrace new things — cause both your outlook and experiences will continue to grow over the coming year. With Jupiter livin' it up in a fellow fire sign, you are going to be feelin' your fiery oats this year, Leo — and it's going to be fun.

Jupiter will bring lovely artistic projects your way, which promise to be exciting and fun," Stardust tells Bustle. Your creative energy is majorly flowing and you seem to attract excitement, love, and opportunity at every turn.

Just be sure you're not getting too wild to ensure you're still able to focus on turning your goals into actual realities. The focus during this Jupiter transit is going to be on the home for you, Virgo. That means you might be literally outgrowing your old space whether energetically or because of new additions to your household or family and it's likely to prompt some kind of change.

You're already a great communicator, but Jupiter is going to be helping you grow into speaking your own inner truth. That's no easy task for a harmony-seeking Libra like yourself, but it's so necessary — and you're going to feel so much more enlightened after allowing this part of you to grow. Money matters are growing and happenin' for you now, Scorp, so now's the time to look at increasing your income, asking for that raise you know you deserve, or making some thought-out investments.

When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, there's no better sign to be! Astronomical Facts about Jupiter Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system.

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The closest it has ever been to Earth is million kilometer. Jupiter has 63 natural satellites as Earth has Moon as its own. It takes around Jupiter turns retrograde every year, and its retrogression period is about days. Jupiter takes around 12 years to complete one circle around the zodiac.

And it stays in one zodiac sign for around 13 months. Since it takes a long while to transit signs, its impact is often deep and long lasting. It represents knowledge, spirituality, religion, higher learning, research, philosophy, optimism, and a lot more. It expands the area where it is placed in a horoscope.

Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

For example, if it is placed in 11th house of income and gains, it usually expands wealth and prosperity. Jupiter is the karaka of affluence, generosity, righteousness, inherent goodness, and wisdom. Jupiter in Vedic astrology is known to be a giver, and is the most generous of all planets as it expands without expectations. A strong Jupiter is commonly found in the chart of priests, preachers, teachers, religious leaders, judges, and philosophers.

When well placed, Jupiter in horoscope indicates success, prosperity, positive attitude, and spiritual inclination, higher sense of justice and equality, and good relation with teachers. Such people are usually well-wishers of the whole community. However, a too strong Jupiter can sometimes lead to an overly optimistic person, thus problems in life and spiritual stagnation. When Jupiter is weakly placed in a horoscope, it makes the person choose the wrong direction in life.


The difficulties of the challenges we face do not necessarily disappear from this point of view, but are instead recognized as pieces rather than the whole of our lives. In practical terms, Jupiter reminds us to step back from situations in which we are entangled so that we can recognize how we became enmeshed in them and, hopefully, shows us how we can untie these knots.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Jupiter is also about optimism and hope, which can help us through the toughest of times. If you're feeling blue, doing this planet's walk is a way to invite its expansive spirit into your body. You simply need to lengthen your stride by an inch.

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That's it. Doing this opens the body, expands your walk, and mimics the boundless nature of Jupiter. Inviting more space into your life on a physical level is a direct expression of this planet's openness to greater possibilities. And remember, when you're down, look up and the world will open to a larger space in which your purpose and possibilities grow.

What Does It Mean If Jupiter Is In Sagittarius? This Planet Brings Good Luck To All Zodiac Signs

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