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But it takes work.

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Relationships need constant work. If you want a good relationship, you have to do your share, so continue looking for ways to relate to your partner. Take some pointers from your Mutable sign friends. Problems in a relationship, however, should not be held in.

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They grab a grudge and let it simmer inside until one day… well, you know what happens. No one forgets an angry Leo. Bottling up your feelings is dangerous to your relationship, and counterproductive to your quest for peace-keeping. No human is perfect, nor is any relationship. This is not healthy communicating.

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Let it go, for both of your sakes! The fewer battles you are fighting, the more peace and harmony you will experience in your relationships. Sometimes exercising flexibility, a skill the Mutable signs Gemini , Virgo , Pisces , and Sagittarius have nailed down, goes a long way. Just telling someone to communicate better is not effective, you have to actually use your words and make an effort to communicate better on your end. The difference here is that you changed your pattern, and this changed the response.

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This is a powerful tool for you to use in engaging more peace and harmony in relationships. You can literally feel yourself in charge here, which is very empowering for you to continue taking control of your relationship with healthy communication. The reason it works is because your partner is used to you adopting one style when communicating, but you mix it up by taking a softer tone. Air signs Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are very good at this.

Ask nicely, and you break the pattern. In relationships, you need to have feelings too once in a while.

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Air signs and Earth signs struggle with this, as they are always looking for the practical component. Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio win the feelings component in love hands-down. South Node , Chiron questionable.

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North Node , Ceres questionable. New millennium astrological chart.

2. Don’t Hold It In!

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