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They sometimes overwork at the expense of their relationships. Sexually, Sagittarius can be very flirtatious and have quite passionate temperaments. In relationships, Sagittarius is friendly and cheerful, with an infectious optimism and a love for humor which can take the form of teasing. Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer, or Centaur. The arrow is also frequently used. As one of the fire signs, this sign is passionate, enthusiastic and has larger than life tendencies.

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Read more about the Sagittarius horoscope sign. These are our picks for the best Sagittarius horoscope compatibility predictions, Sagittarius love match and horoscope sign compatibility for all zodiac signs. Some Sagittarius love compatibility horoscopes consider just the Sagittarius sun sign or Sagittarius zodiac sign, some consider your Sagittarius astro love match using the elements, cardinality, the position of Mars and other planets, such as Venus in Sagittarius or moon in Sagittarius. Some even look at the synastry between your Sagittarius horoscope chart and a Sagittarius partner in love, Sagittarius in business, a Sagittarius family member, or friend.

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Step to the other sign, Sagittarius and consider the horoscope sign compatibility of the other 12 zodiac astrology signs, you may find your perfectly compatible Sagittarius match astrologically in love, friendship or at work, Sagittarius! Each Zodiac sign has one of those qualities. Sagittarius in mutable, which means a follower, always ready for change and variety. That blends rather well with other mutable signs in a relationship, if they have patience to discover that in each other.

They are Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. They have similar impatience and curiosity, but that also means they may run past each other without even noticing this similarity. Sagittarius is much more compatible with the cardinal signs, which are the leaders taking the initiative. They like change as well, as long as they decide on it. They are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Such a relationship, with one leader and one follower, is at least mostly smooth.

But of course, there can be other issues. Then Sagittarius will most definitely revolt. With the fixed signs, uneager or slow to change, Sagittarius easily gets bored and restless. Change and variation are essential, and so is adventure and discovery. When bored for any amount of time, Sagittarius simply takes off — no matter what. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

But nothing is written in stone. A relationship is complex. There is no guarantee as to what will work and what will not, especially at length.

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All the personality traits of each Zodiac sign have to be considered when examining their compatibility in astrology. Generally speaking, Sagittarius is uncomfortable in any relationship with bonds and obligations. However, they don't always feel like there is a stage for them at the time or that it is relevant or necessary to be deep. Sometimes, they believe in just setting the right mood, having fun, and letting others have fun. Most Sagittarius people that I know try to make things lighter and more engaging, and they work from there to get to the serious.

This is good for Aries, who can feel weighed down when interactions with their mate are too heavy or too gushy. Sagittarius can definitely pull away from that heaviness and instead make things more charming, romantic, and light. Sagittarius can have commitment issues for this reason, so Aries and Sagittarius can easily be a thing without labeling it for awhile. I don't think labels are as important to them as they may be for water or earth signs, who really like things written in stone.

I really like this combination. Usually, signs of the same element mesh well together. I think every combination has its perks and also its hang-ups. I think these two will be able to relax around each other and also support each other. Aries is going to bring in a lot more fire, and this has the chance to help Sagittarius to be more serious in a way that doesn't threaten them. Aries will want to take control of the relationship, and Sagittarius is okay with that to a degree. They don't mind you steering the relationship, and then they'll conserve their energy and wait until they have to make an appearance.

Sagittarius is kind of like Libra in how lazy they can be. Libra puts so much pressure on balance that sometimes they don't want to make a decision. Sagittarius puts so much pressure into enjoying life that they can honestly let some things pass them by with ease. Remember, Sagittarius is full of paradoxes and paradigms—almost more so than Gemini.

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Both of them are mutable, so this may be why there are so many complications and dimensions. Sagittarius has a lot of range in its desire to have fulfilled will power.

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It does remind me of holidays. Holidays are complicated. You are supposed to be happy, put on a good show, and be surrounded by the people you love.

But often it ends in loneliness, being around people you don't care to see, or not getting a lot of affection, attention, or gifts. Sagittarius is creative and will offer a lot to you, but it just has a different ease and flow to it. Aries will like that they are of the same element, and Sagittarius doesn't have the same fierce ego. An Aries and Leo combination can run its course because those two have such dominate egos that they both want to pull the relationship.

The mutability with Sagittarius in some ways makes it a more desirable mate for Aries. It's good for Aries to be with someone that can hold their own, but it is also good if it isn't too much and overpowers the Aries if that were possible or if their partner is too dependent on them for love and life. Sagittarius is picking up the pieces after Scorpio, which sends a strong sexual message into the astrological year.

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Scorpio is the season when everything shifts and is starting to die, and it has a lot of pageantry and emotions. Sagittarius takes that energy and is pacifying it, in a way, so that people can focus more on other individuals. Scorpio is a hardcore relationship, passionate and brainy, that's looking for the ultimate mate and often getting confused by its strong sexual desires. Sagittarius has some pieces of that, but it also borrows from the more even-minded and hibernating Capricorn soul. So part of why Sagittarius is paradoxical is because its neighbors are essentially complete opposites, and so it has to balance out that and be its own thing at the same time.

Because Sagittarius is a wild horse, it wants what it wants and when it wants it. It does not like to be controlled or forced to do anything. It has one of the strongest wills in the whole zodiac, and that's because it's the last fire element in the series. It has some lessons that didn't get seen or fulfilled in Aries or Leo. This is why at times Aries might feel like Sagittarius is parental toward them and other times that Sagittarius feels younger than them and is difficult to harness. Sagittarius knows the value of living and accepting that for the innocence that is there.

This also causes them to be sagacious, because learning lessons gives you wisdom, even if those lessons relate back to youth. Aries is not as dualistic. Aries is pretty straightforward, so it might get confused with Sagittarius and its never-ending mutability. Aries is easy to read. You can get what they are chasing after instantly. You know what an Aries wants because they make their demands clear because they are focused on manifestation. By the time Sagittarius comes into the year, manifestation has already happened well on its own. Therefore, Sagittarius is in the state of living and giving thanksgiving.

Sagittarius will totally appreciate how die-hard Aries is, because Sagittarius loves success; it loves status, even, and it loves constantly being better than the last time. Sagittarius are idea collectors; they are know-it-alls and charmers. They are very charismatic. They need someone who is highly goal-oriented and wants to grow. They don't want to just stay the same, so it could really scare them if they are with a partner who doesn't want to challenge themselves and go new places.

Since both Aries and Sagittarius have yang like qualities, they may need to consider how they can manage their relationship and the things they have in a practical sense. Both have leadership qualities and want to go forward, but sometimes neither want to manage and take care of the mess they make.