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High-strung and intense, March 22 individuals are workaholics who need to keep a handle on stress if they are to remain healthy. Their kinetic lifestyle keeps them in a constant state of activity, which helps to ease work-related tension. These people do not always recognize the links between good health and good habits. These people are the ultimate risk-takers. These talented, sometimes brilliant individuals have the potential to distinguish themselves in career matters.

Good fortune, even fame, is well within their reach. March 22 people have the highest expectations for their own success and are unable to recognize the potential pitfalls. Even though they make a concerted effort to implement their dreams by accomplishing goals one step at a time, March 22 natives can also depend on good luck to play its part. Jill M. Blessings of diamond light to all x. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers. The number 22 is also my power number and very sacred to me. Whenever i see the number 22 i believe it is my loving spirit guides telling me that everything is as it should be.

I have felt this for almost 10 years now. I was born on I have for years often see on the clock by intuitively looking and this morning when i saw it i actually cried with joyous emotion because for the past 2 weeks i have seen so many times a day - even more than usual! And this lead me to ask myself "what have you been trying to tell me angel and spirit guides? Great Peace and Love to all. Emma xxx. I've probably been seeing my multitudes of 22s for at least a decade now.

What Does It Mean to be Born on the 4th, 13th or 22nd day?

My mother was born in , Oct like myself but on the 25th. I was born on Oct 22nd. My wedding anniversary is Dec 22nd. My two sons were born on the 22nd, and all 4 of my babies were 22" long at birth. I see twenty twos many, many times every single day, and not just on clocks.

I have had a sudden and dramatic increase in this in just the last month, also coinciding with my belief that we are in the end times on earth. Am I crazy or are we all going to "ascend" very soon? My 22s are very rapidly appearing in the strangest places all day every day and I make sure I don't search for them they make me notice by very intelligent ways..

Wow i thought i'm the only one hhaha this year the 22nd september i'll be 22, my number of the laboratory of physics is 22, my closet in the chemistry laboratory is , the office of my assistent is 22, the door of my uni has a number 22, and i have the same thing with the clock and lots of other things Just weird. I thought the number 22 was extremely prevalent in my life until I read your comments.

More than ever, I see this number when I've just landed a job and when that job seems too dreary or consuming to pursue. Telling me to take the pains because eventually I will reap fruits? I was born in bed 2 room 2, grew up in house I didn't realize how frequent this number was in my life until maybe eight years ago.

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Commuting on bus route 22, getting locker 22 at multiple jobs, seeing when someone calls me a lot lately. The road to my new job, where I'm a trainee, is The other day, as I was about to leave work, thinking about quitting, the digits on card reader lock said and then I knew I am meant to bear this cross for a while. It crops up in the most amazing and funny ways!

I feel it is an expression of everything inspiring and good. Sometimes if I say to myself that I haven't seen it for a while, it crops up as if to reassure me! I like the way the number itself is reminiscent of eternity. It is the most integrated and perfect number. It is integrated like humans hope to be integrated. This is taken to another powerful level again by 22!

Seeing is especially auspicious. I too feel i'm on track when i see it. I thank god it is helping us along the way. I found the information and comments here on this site fascinating!

Born on the 22nd of the Month |

Yeps, so it is not only me with very nice to know. I started thinking that my guardian angel wants to show me something or lead me somewhere and do it by showing me the signs of repeating This number was my beloved since my childhood I'm born But I was always thinking why I had to go through so many emotional downfalls, betrayals, from my closest family, if I had my guardian angel looking after me, or it is exactly why I'm here on this Earth to learn to overcome downfalls and learn how to sense the people. Reading this blog, I want to know more, and YES, should be very careful with my thoughts as I already experienced that they materialise.

Sometimes I have bad thoughts and I wouldn't want them to materialise in no way. Please, where I could read, get more to know how to control own thoughts. I hope the guardian angel will help me to keep on going the path to light. Wow thanks guys, its really comforting know my ambitions are not mine alone, dreaming is the desirefor physical realisation and this needs to be brought down from fantasy land otherwise we can never grow, seek the sun every mornjng :.

Numerology does not deal only with the study of numbers but it has been considered as the study of occult science which reflects certain aptitudes and character tendencies as an inherited part of our universe. Born on a 22nd and date of birth total is 11 reduced from Best to everybody for May people stay warm, fed, and happy and the world be at peace.

Thank God for the creator of this site and all of your post.. I thought it was cute in the beginning and thought wow I always catch the time on the clock on my birhtday. Then I started to get a feeling that this date really meant something so I then felt maybe I was going to die on that day. I Often ask guide who am I. I thought I was alone, telling friends and family over the years Im sure that thought i was a little strange and to deep I am determined to find out what this mean and this was a great start.

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I am seeing it now more than ever and I feel that God is trying to show me or say something. We all have purpose and Im glad to see so many others searching for the answers. God Bless you all and be encouraged No way Glad that I am not the only one. Do we know why we are so blessed? Its all around me as well, through my whole life I dream of things before they happen and when awake have a strange awareness. There is meaning in this, i wish I understood more. I'm glad I found this page and all of your comments. I know many 22s. If you classify them according to their appearances depending on their race some of them have large eyes!

It's like they are born to win! LoL nahh that's overrated. But they are competitive People who are born on the 22nd are popular as well. It depends tho I do not advise anyone to act unnatural because you are gullible by this. Pretty incredible, thank you! Thanks for this! I always see 22 a few times a day or more, Ive always thought it meant that im on the right track in life and to keep on pushing through because good things are coming. I feel like everything you said is true and how i feel everyday, its crazy. Thanks again, cheers!

Numerology of your birth date – your destiny decoded in your Life Path

By the way the movie i just watched The gambler has so many 22's in it so i had to finally see what the number means. Oh my God. I have arrived! I thought I was loosing my mind. This is such a relief to know that their are others out there like me, who do exist. Thank you Lord for this revelation from my Angels!!!! Coincidentally, I found this on the 22nd!!! My Life path and Destiny both the number Now my personal number is also What it may make difference in my life?

August 15 is the th day of the year. And is a magic prime. Guys I have 1 problem why I seing. What is the main thing behind it. Plzz explain me.. The biggest irony with 22 is that it doesn't find its own destiny - a 22 must find their own key. Being a 22 is potentially hell on Earth for our generation - you are a moving target and the things you seek have become crass by most standards.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

I will not submit. What does this mean I know its something I just don't know what it is. I have been seeing the number 22 consciously for the last 18 months or so like many other posters I was born on the 22nd. Seeing this number is really frustrating the hell out of me because I just don't know what it means. Again like many other people I see this repeated many many times per day. I don't consider myself as a spiritual person and am generally very pragmatic, with most situations I would say there is a logical explanation for anything unusual and in this case I often wonder if I have a heightened awareness of this number and don't actually see it any more than any other number but just have an acute awareness of it????

Seeing this number so much does frustrate me and if it is some kind of message from a spiritual level then I would love to know what it is.