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D Whizbang, about Lockhart - if he is a Leo, he'd have to be born before Neville. Neville was the first character who got a birthday wish on her page late July , and since we're now in late August, we wouldn't get any more Leos announced until next year. Next sign after Virgo is Libra though. If he were a Libra with Leo rising, we'd have a chance to get his birthday rather soon. Good catch on Trelawney's suggestion about Midwinter and his saturnine appearance.

I do think you're on to something there, but not so much with regards to Harry, more to Tom Riddle. Her description fits young Tom as well, and he left a fat trace of his transferred powers on Harry's forehead. His yew wand would tie in nicely. Besides he hasn't been done yet I still think he has severe 8th house issues.

Where was Saturn in that year? Nah, I just dabble around for fun. D Actually I like to think that we complete each other well on this thread, whizbang. I have a neat computer program, like to use it and to modify chart details until I'm satisfied, and am a bit accustomed to the astrology language. Now that's an idea How about an introduction or a mini-dictionary? Water weak, you bet. I haven't read all these through, yet, but I trust Susan Miller. On this page are links to explanations about the planets, the elements, the qualities and the sectors.

I'm going back to read up, now. I couldn't agree more!

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Real Scorpios may take offense. What about evil Geminis? OK, I've got it I'll try someone nice again for a change. Haven't checked your site in depth, whizbang, but from a first quick look it seems to be a good introduction. The only detail missing seems to be an overview of aspects - i. Personally I prefer to use my books though, to read things up off-line. Ron hasn't been done yet I see Fire too - rash Aries maybe, or sportive Sagittarius because his humour is so "tongue-in-cheek" good point, ChariZmatic.

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Let's try Sagg first. Sun conjunct Mercury in 2nd house of possessions actually he has seven retrograde planets, poor guy Destructive Pluto Libra and blocking Saturn Virgo in 9th house could account for his tendency to invent prophecies etc.

Moon/Mercury ~ Hard Aspects

Tenth house of career empty, but eccentric Uranus in Scorpio as the 11th house of friendships ooh, that's where his weird sense of humour comes from! Loving Venus Aries in 3rd house of siblings, Chiron the wounded healer Taurus in 4th of family. North Node the "mission in life" Leo , emotional Moon, powerful Mars and leading Jupiter Virgo - the strategic thinker all tightly conjunct in the 8th house of sex, death and inheritance.

On to Aries rising. And even this works only at the cost of dropping his Venus from the 1st into the 12th house. Sun and Mercury in the 12th, Neptune in the 9th 10th empty yet again , Uranus in the 7th, Venus and Chiron in the 1st.

Not sure how that fits him. Somehow I like Sagg rising better I've actually read your posts. I just haven't composed an intelligent reply, yet. D But it's relatively quiet, now, so Uncomfortable as it is, I can still see Umbridge or Voldemort with strong influences of my sun sign. And when I did Pettigrew, it was positively scary to see in him attributes of not only my sun sign but of my rising sign to boot. I've tried Dec 22nd, for Tom Riddle jr. Saturn is in Sagittarius, and to get it into his 8th House I chose Dunno though if this time of birth still allows him to be in his 5th year at 16 in , with the Hogwarts September deadline.

OH ok no we didn't I read through the thread.

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Impossible to say if "we guessed it before", Dagmar love your penguins! But Hermione does have quite a few obvious Virgo characteristics. Odd that we don't seem to have any more Virgos in HP, after all those Leos popping up all over the place This new birthday greeting now confuses me a bit though. I wasn't online for the past few days, but according to MuggleNet JKR's birthday greeting for Hermione who according to that earlier info was born on September 19th was out on September 18th already. No mention of a specific date - and as we've had it before, now after the birthday the original greeting has vanished from JKR's site, so I couldn't even check the date.

With Neville's birthday we had a similar problem before, and Percy did seem to be the perfect Virgo until her info nudged him last-minute into Leo. Did she change her mind about Hermione's birthday, did she just trust that we all know about the Sept 19th birthday anyway, or does she generally put her characters' birthdates on her site one day early?

Or is the MuggleNet date generally inaccurate because of the several hours gap between British and American timezones? Maybe she posts her info regularly at midnight at the start of the new British day, but when it's immediately found by fans and forwarded to MuggleNet, their American time still shows the previous day? Whizbang, your charts for Draco and Voldemort are intriguing! I haven't been able to examine them in detail yet time pressure due to exams I hope that's OK.

Harry went into the chamber June Tom left a memory of his 16 year old self sometime in the school year, I don't know if we can be sure if he was born in '26 or ' When Harry went into the diary, it was dated June Tom was sixteen in the memory. So if his birthday is Dec, it would have been I'm pretty sure it's Can we give him Libra rising? This chart is interesting. He's homeless and forced to travel far from his native land under difficult circumstances.

Mercury, sun and venus in the third. He sure can communicate fear with his name. The node, Mc and pluto, all conjunct in cancer mother. The GTrine is still there, Dreams of glorious battle? Moon and Mars in earth signs, but Neptune in fiery Leo. But neptune in leo sounds kinda megalomanical, so Even giving him Libra rising, he only has Jupiter in aquarius. If we're really lucky, JKR will continue to slip us birthdates and all we'll have to guess at will be the ascendants.

Oct 4, Minerva McGonagall.

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Wish I knew the year. I was just wondering if we would gat dates for any of the adults. So far, it seemed to be only Harry's generation.

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I promise to come back and read everything I've missed. I love this thread! I'm no good with the planets role in each house stuff, but I love wondering about the characters sun signs I see what everybody is saying about Snape and the Capricorn thing, but I am convinced he is full on Scorpio. Not to mention the way he is described when he insults Harry. He insults, then he pauses to savor how great the insult was and that he gets a reaction. Dumbledore - Piceas all the way. The jokes, the twinkle in his eye, his spiritual quality. The man cries - he feels things deeply. Not rash enough to be a fire sign.

Hard-working, frank, a tad stubborn, a stickler for rules. But I feel there is some fire Aries? Handsome, intelligent, a bit flighty, hates being out of the loop, charming I think Dumbledore calls him "active". Not the most practical guy, bless him. Great sense of sarcastic humor I don't get that Neville - is it possible he's on the Cancer cusp? I know this sounds odd, but I see it in his teaching style. Attentive to details knows everyone's name the first day. He begins one class with line, "First things first".

Plus he claps his hands together a few times But there is water there too piceas? The boy is always bragging about the delicious food he gets from home.

Taurians love the pleasures of life. He's materialistic and stubborn to the point its almost funny never letting Harry get the last word. Do I even need to explain why? Impatient, courageous and easy to read. Page 2 of 4.

Horoscop saptamanal pisces bani

Originally Posted by whizbang The only thing is, I think she's Originally Posted by Serpentine A good suggestion, but I can't verify it at the moment Originally Posted by whizbang Crazy guess: Originally Posted by whizbang Are some of his secrets venusian in nature?

Originally Posted by Serpentine Come to think about it - there's the secret room in the DoM rumoured to be some kind of Love Room; "a force at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature" and "perhaps the most mysterious of the many subjects for study that reside there" - OotP, Bloomsbury, p. Originally Posted by whizbang Again this is a fascinating chart, Serpentine.