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If you're not teaching your literal children or students , then maybe save any unsolicited advice you may feel the urge to share for your journal. The planet of beauty, Venus , enters Gemini on Saturday, June 8, and other people in your life will feel compelled to share their good fortune with you. On top of being known for love and aesthetics, Venus is also the planet of money.

Gemini is a super intimate sector of your chart and this an auspicious time to ask for past-due payments. You may even receive a forgotten refund in the mail.

Take time to recognize that you have everything you need. A mindset of gratitude will only invite more blessings into your life.

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This particular full moon is ruled by Jupiter the planet of abundance , after all. Mind your etiquette when messenger Mercury meets your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, on Tuesday, June When debating, try not to resort to personal insults. This is a time to pick your battles. Not everyone will share your specific point of view, and it's important to know when it's time to agree to disagree, change the topic, or take some space.

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Mid-June is an especially hot-headed time. Since , vulnerable Neptune — the planet of spirituality — has been rocking your house of dating and friendships. This planet will go retrograde on Friday, June 21, so pay attention to how your relationships affect you. Consider how you practice boundaries and self-protection in your dating life. Platinum is one of those metals that denote inner strength, power and wealth.

Being one of the rarest metals on Earth, it is associated with exclusivity and prestige. Being resistant to tarnish and wear platinum is frequently used in medical equipments.

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Their mission in life is to set personal boundaries and understand the importance of the physical plane they live in, being fully aware of their anger, instincts, and unconscious energies that guide them in a certain direction. The world of emotions is hidden in all its glory in the eyes of those born on this date. It is in their nature to feel things and see them vividly, in color, their lives filled with beauty, expectance and magic.

Feelings that fuel their body and soul are intense, caring, and truly deep, and they will never settle for less than what they know they deserve. Love is their imperative and they will live chasing for it until they finally find balance with another human being. Many Aquarius representatives born on the 6th of February have issues with personal boundaries, and this could open them up for relationships with abusive partners and those who impose their will and intrude in their world.

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They should always stay aware of their personal space and everything they wish to accomplish on their own, or the sense of freedom they seek along with their Aquarian brothers and sisters might slip through their fingers. Each person born on the 6th of February has an eye for beauty and an artistic talent to use in this lifetime. Although this might not be their primal occupation, we shouldn't be surprised to see their photographs, music, or drawings touch the hearts of many. They understand relationships and they will truly excel as partners, lovers, and spouses, for as long as their world isn't tainted with unresolved anger.

They have to always stay in tune with what they love to do, and if they hold on to the ideal and stay inspired, in love, and excited about their endeavors day after they, they will become a glimpse of perfection in whatever it is that occupies their hearts.

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The best stone to connect the energy of Mars and the first chakra with the emotional body of a person and their fourth chakra is ruby in fuchsite also called green muscovite , aiding one to embrace differences, dualities, and strange connections with others. This combination of crystals in one stone gives the ability to connect anger and love, negative and positive emotions, and instincts with divine love. It is a stone that helps when the body is out of balance, and it will help the root chakra to send the energy to the heart.

A birthday gift for a person born on the 6th of February can always be a beautiful piece of art that is in sync with their sensibility and their home. Everything they possess needs to be balanced with their inner world, and this will be achieved by finding its place in the surroundings to fit in. December Monthly Horoscope Summary for Taurus: December is strong for the feeling that you're getting back on track, dear Taurus, after some delays or lack of clarity.

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It may not be an "all systems go" period just yet, but obstacles are clearing. Where you may have felt stuck or in limbo in recent months, forward motion is likely this month. Relationships smooth over and deepen. It's an excellent time for compromise, negotiations, harmony, and balance with Venus in your partnership sector virtually all month. Passion, intimacy, partnership, learning, friendship, and adventure make up the broader themes of December and are areas of increased focus and opportunity. Learning and exploring with a partner or good buddy can be very beneficial now.

Sharing through your personal interests, studies, or travels can be fun and fulfilling.

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This can be a lively time with friends, networks, and group associations with Mars in your social sector up until the last day of the month. This excitement can point to possible difficulties or tensions with these connections and is more likely from the , , and 24th. A long-distance friendship can be in focus. For the more homebody Tauruses, this energy is more about gaining inspiration and motivation to pursue your dreams than connecting with others, and it's just as exciting. All month, you are excited to turn over a new leaf, enthused about new ideas, and ready to put plans into motion, and it's best to do so after the 7th.

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Before that date, you may feel prepared but there can be missing details. You're in perfect shape for personal influence, connecting with friends, working towards a cherished cause, and putting your talents to good use on the , , and Changes you're making now can be defining. Mars moving through your sector of dreams and wishes and in harmony with your sign helps to fuel you with the energy and confidence to pursue new experiences.

A careful review of your financials, commitments, shared resources, or partnerships is appropriate until the 12th. It may be better to wait on making big decisions, both financially and emotionally, until you see things more clearly. Avoid jumping into something too quickly especially around the when all signs point to confusion. Certain roadblocks and delays lift after the 6th, and matters related to your intimate life or finances, education, travel, or publishing or legal issues tend to move forward as the month advances.