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What it means is that the rules involve the Vedic philosophy and the practitioners must be conventional to be the life of a Vedic Brahmana. Western Philosophy is lively, in a sense that, anything goes with the Western astrology. There is no real philosophical school that carries western astrology.

This philosophical school coupled with a spiritual lifestyle is important to guide others properly by developing the divine vision and ability. Now since we have clarified the differences, we must look into the Indian Vedic astrology. What it signifies is that a person has his own free will that he can. Decide between any two options given the circumstances, but we must receive the reaction of the choice.

That response may be right away, or it could be delayed to thousands of lifetime. That is how it is. When one child is born in the world, based on the birth time, they will know the astrology of the child.

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It depends on science also why because will predict using Signs is nothing but planets. Using this we can predict the child's Mental and Physical capacities, Profession, Education, Marriage and their Child , etc. More type of Astrology is there. Our Indian Astrology is one of the traditional types of Astrology in the World. They having some separate communities, now they are doing worldwide by Online and Offline Astrology.

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This is not only for Particular religion, community and particular people. This is common for all people who are all believing Astrology. Pandits are also available all over the world.

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They know very well about astrology and their solution. All pandits specialized in some specific Poojas and another type of solution for the problem. Now Psychic reader also there to solve your problem mentally in an easy way. Psychic reading is now trending on this generation because they are having so much stress in their minds. It will helpful for each success in their lives. Indian Vedic astrology is more advanced compared to Western Astrology, thus it can be very powerful and accurate yet a bit more complex.

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When compared to the western system, Indian Vedic astrology seems upright because it relies on more accurate Astronomical principles. It shall be retained in view that planets are moving in the sky as per the Nirayana system.

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Indian Vedic Astrologers not only evaluate the Natal chart but also the dashas, the periods of different planets transiting through different signs and their impact in real-time. Sun changes its sign in around a month while Moon changes its sign in 2.

Vedic Astrology hence is equipped with more precise and detail-oriented tools and the methods of predictions than Western Astrology, thus more reliable. As the planetary movements shift, the Universe expands, and nothing is still, Indian Vedic Astrology is believed to be more stable and reliable. The zodiac signs and planets usually have a similar investigation and typical meanings in both the systems but Indian Vedic Astrology has more precise calculations and detailed methods concerned, thus more secure.

The Tropical or Western chart can provide only a frank explanation.

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