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Confident Aries energy helps us believe in ourselves and champion others. The essence of Aries energy shows up as encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic and caring. The other two fire signs are Leo and Sagittarius. Many Aries people are trailblazers and trendsetters.

Under the influence of an Aries planetary cycle, we all become more pioneering and innovative, leaping without looking or putting our bold ideas out there. Aries is ruled by warrior planet and energy activator Mars. On a positive note, Aries cycles can fill us with unstoppable life-force energy.

Competitive to the max, the best way to motivate an Aries is to turn something into a contest.

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Aries will put everything they have and then some into winning. Loyal, smart, and impulsive, they always have multiple projects on their mind, and won't be satisfied until their work, social life, and personal lives line up exactly with the dream life they've envisioned. Those who are drawn to magnetic Aries may have trouble keeping up—but if they can, they'll have a friend for life. There's something you still need to know! Ask an experienced psychic. An Aries will always tell you what they're thinking, with a frankness that may occasionally border on rudeness.

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But even if an Aries seems overly blunt with their opinion, that's only because Rams value honesty above all else. And it works both ways. While an Aries may be the first to say if they think that you just phoned in a project, they'll also be the first to compliment you for a job well done. Rams may also have a short fuse.

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That fiery temper can be an asset. Hot, hot, hot! The element of Fire fuels Aries' courageous demeanor and desire for life. Fire is a self-motivated and high-spirited force that yearns to freely express itself and cannot be contained. Like a volcano, without warning, Aries is prone to bursts of enthusiasm or aggression.

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Aries embodies the Fire element through their identity and ego, acting as a trailblazer and a leader. The color red and the zodiac sign Aries are blushingly compatible. Red is the color of passion, excitement, and Fire, which supports Aries' active energy and eagerness for life. Red is a vibrant color that demands attention -- and Aries is a sign that doesn't like to be ignored.

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The more red Aries surrounds itself with, the greater their natural powers can be. Let the sun shine! As the sign that begins the spring season, Aries is a Cardinal sign that forges the way.

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  • Because Aries is the first sign of the whole zodiac, the Sun's move into Aries fires up a new astrological year and ushers in the Spring Equinox. Cardinal signs are initiators and value new projects, ideas, and endeavors. This fresh burst of life and energy mirror Aries' liveliness and love of adventure.