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Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 12222

This beautifully designed, full colour, clear and concise Moon Diary is absolutely packed with all the lunar and astrological information for Suitable for those just interested in the Moon and her cycle as well as professional astrologers. The diary celebrates the eight fire festivals throughout the year observing nature through the seasons. Its innovative astrological forecasts and wealth of astronomical information makes this diary perfect for anyone wanting to live in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of Nature.

An educational and informative treasure trove. An opportunity to work with the lunar energy and the focussed power of intention and manifestation. We are blessed to have a wide circle of talented and inspiring friends who contribute their writings, artwork and ideas.

This Week in Astrology: Full Moon in Capricorn Partial Lunar Eclipse

It's so lovely to produce something which communicates the essence of our friendship circle. Read more Diary Cover Handmade covers and pouches to keep your diary snug and protected.

See more It is packed full of information presented in an easily accessible way. It is 2 hours and 41 minutes shorter than next lunation length. Length of current synodic month is 1 hour and 17 minutes shorter than the mean length of synodic month, but it is still 4 hours and 52 minutes longer, compared to 21st century shortest.

The lunar orbit is getting closer, while the Moon is moving inward the Earth. Previous apogee Next perigee. Moon is km mi away from Earth on this date.

Moon moves closer next 10 days until perigee, when Earth-Moon distance will reach km mi. Previous node Next node. Previous Current draconic month Next.

Virgo Full Moon - Astrology Feb 19 - Feb 26 2019

Previous standstill Next standstill. Previous syzygy Next syzygy.

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Share this page: twitter facebook linkedin. Wednesday Wed. Moon phase and lunation details. Moonrise and moonset Moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise.